Driveway Alarms

Don’t let unexpected visitors surprise you.

Have you ever been surprised when someone knocks on your door and you didn’t even hear them drive up? You are being caught off guard.  Not a very secure feeling.

Many of our customers who live in Fauquier and the surrounding counties have long driveways and live in very rural and secluded places. You may also own a business that requires you to be alerted to approaching customers. Driveway Alarms are another way of adding additional security to your property.  Criminals will think twice when they are detected.

Here’s how it works, our driveway alert sensors utilize the Earth’s magnetic field.  Sensors detect moving steel.  If it is a hardwired system, it is buried beside the driveway, requiring no driveway renovation.  It is hidden from view and vandal-proof.  It cannot be tripped by people, objects and animals, eliminating false alarms. Wind and rain do not affect nor deter it.  It can alert you in several ways: by sound audio alert, by activating cameras, by turning on lights, or by triggering alarm & home automation systems.

You will always know when someone drives up, which is especially comforting for women and children home alone. Our systems come with a five year warranty.

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